Vili Apartments Romantic

Our Romantic Apartment is situated on the second floor of Kolozsváry House. On its 646 square feet (60 square metres), it includes an open-space living room/bedroom, a separate kitchen and a bathroom. The apartment can comfortably host 2 guests.

Entry – To access the staircase from the street, you will need to enter the numeric code received from Vili Apartments along with the booking confirmation via e-mail, text message or on Facebook. By entering the code, you will gain access to the staircase, after which, following the red dots, the arrows will point you to the apartment, found on the second floor of the house, on the right side of the stairs.

To enter the apartment from the staircase, you will have to use a unique code sent to you by Vili Apartments after your boking confirmation. At the end of your stay, this code will be deleted from the system, which means the door will open with this code only during your stay at Vili Apartments.

The Vili Apartments Romantic – After you enter, the door will automatically lock behind you. When you wish to leave the apartment, you can do so by touching the EXIT sensor on the luminous panel beside the door.

From the entrance room, you will find the living room to the right, the kitchen in the front, and the bathroom to the left.

The kitchen is equipped with a microwave oven, a coffee machine, a toaster, a ceramic stove top, and a range hood. Here, you can prepare a delicious breakfast or lunch, or even a light dinner. Cutlery, glasses, plates and other kitchen ustensils are all available.

The bathroom is complete with an overhead shower head and a bult-in hair dryer. Soap, shampoo, toiletries and towels are also available. As you shower, you can enjoy the cabin’s ambient LED-lighting. Ventilation can be acivated using the switch beside the bathroom door.

The apartment’s central space is the open floor living room and bedroom. To help keep it tidy, please wear the slippers you will find at the entrance.

The living room is complete with a 2-person bathtub, an oversized mirror, towels, and several types of bath salts to make your bathtime even more pleasant. The overhead chandelier, LED strips and spotlights make up the room’s adjustable ambient lighting. In the wardrobe, you will find bathrobes you can wear as you have breakfast in the apartment after your morning bath, or just chill on the balcony with a nice up of coffee in hand.

The rest of the furniture – a comfy armchair, a floor lamp, curtains, a chandelier, as well as the 42.5 inch flatscreen suggest an elegant, romantic, yet modern style.

The centrepiece of the apartment is a 79×87 inch (200 cm/220 cm) super king size bed complete with classically elegant bedside lamps and surrounded by a spectacular canopy suspended 10 ft above the bed. The light of the LED strip that illuminates the bed and the canopy in 6 colours can be adjusted via remote control.

The entire apartment is fitted with underfloor heating, as well as 2 air conditioners suited for heating or cooling the space, depending on the inside temperature. Wireless internet is free in the apartment, the password can be found in a folder on the kitchen table. Smoking is prohibited in the entire apartment, with compliance ensured by smoke detectors. If you must smoke, please do so before entering or after exiting the apartment, otherwise we will sadly not be able to host you any longer. The entrance of the apartment is monitored by surveillance cameras, and the interior is equipped with a motion detector and an alarm system monitored by the owner via cell phone.

The 130 sq ft balcony offers an exclusive view of Ferdinand square. It is an ideal space for a nice breakfast or coffee, or just silent reflection.

Owner Villányi Zoltán wishes you a pleasant stay!

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