About us

I invite my dear guests for a time travel to one of the renowned family palaces of the Centenarian Oradea, to the Kolozsváry house, which was built in 1912 based on the request of the widow of the jeweler named Sándor Kolozsváry. In 2018-2019 the imposing three floor property, after over a hundred years, was renovated inside and outside so that now it became again the “jewel” of the historical downtown. In the two most beautiful suites, one of them being designed in an elegant, and the other one in romantic style, you can spend several days or weeks, experiencing the historical atmosphere of the city that is located along the Crișul Repede River. There are two full comfort suites available, each with 60m space, modernly renovated, located in the first and second floor, from where you will have a unique belvedere to the center square of Oradea. 

As a child I always admired the palaces located in the Main Street of Oradea, and I dreamt that someday I will be the hotel director of one of the old, beautiful buildings. In the end, my path took me on the road of journalism, mass-media, public, as well as cultural life. But as a born Oradean, being a local patriot, I always filmed with great care and thoroughness about the built heritage of my birth city, and I also had the chance to glimpse into the real estate agent’s work. In this period, in the Kolozsváry house, I’ve managed to purchase the first real estate for my parents, a space which previously hosted an office and before that a fashion shop. Later, in 2017, I found out that the corner apartment on the second floor with a balcony will be for sale. I felt that, even though only partially, my dream could have become a reality.

I’ve managed to purchase two representative apartments in one of the most imposing buildings in the city center. I’ve decided that I will decorate the apartments in a way as if I would live there. The renovation of the façade just started at that time, which thanks to architect Tamás Emődi, turned out outstanding. Based on contemporary photographs we brought back the imposing building to its Centenarian state.

Interior designers Róbert Tuzson and Diana Stef quickly understood what I wanted: when somebody looks out the window of the apartments she or he should feel the pulse and the rush of the almost thousand years old city, and when it comes to relaxation in the modernly renovated suites, our guest should admire the renovated interior and should be able to feel like being at home.

Lajos Elek and Csegő Beni teams with much tolerance, creativity and expertise made my dream come true, which you can also experience if you visit us.

I wish for you to take with you a slice of Oradea if you stay here: you will breath in the air, you will see the beauty, you will feel the rush of the city founded by King Szent László (Saint Ladislaus), here, at the western gate of Transylvania, which preserved its charm for almost a thousand years. 

Your sincerely,

Zoltán Villányi

Owner, Vili Apartments